Gigs in.glasgow?

One of Glasgow's oldest live music venues, and certainly the most loved, is the Barrowlands Ballroom. It's brilliantly retro, with superb acoustics and attracts the greats of indie, metal, hip-hop and more. It's also Glasgow's most iconic concert hall thanks to its characteristic flashing neon sign, so you'll never have trouble finding it. The concert, the first in more than two years, offers a small way of thanking people who are making enormous sacrifices during this crisis.

If you're looking for a more relaxed setting to listen to live music, you have Stereo's sister venue, Mono, where you can search for records in their in-house record store before your concert. In fact, damn it, we've put together the best guide to live music shows in Glasgow, which includes local one-off concerts and bands and artists who are currently on tour. Glasgow has one of the busiest concert schedules in the country, and most of the bands' UK tours take place at one of Glasgow's many live music venues. The extensive SWG3 complex, on the outskirts of Finnieston, has undergone a major renovation in recent times and now houses four concert halls, from the intimate Poetry Club to the Galvanisers, with a capacity of more than 1000 people, with the odd outdoor concert at The Yard.

Opened in 1997, it is widely considered to be one of the UK's leading venues for concerts and club nights, in which artists from almost all musical genres have participated. Find upcoming Scottish musical events by place and date in the music section, where you can search from A to Z by artist name and by date to find Scottish concerts taking place near you. Sleazy's, the favorite venue for many of Glasgow's indie bands, offers such a wide variety of concert nights that anyone should be able to have a good time here. King Tut's Wah Wah Hut has long insisted that it is the place where Alan McGee discovered Oasis, but it should be more famous for its varied concert schedule than for this anecdote.

On the top floor there is a spacious bar; downstairs you'll find an intimate live music space where you'll find concerts by local bands, underground legends and bands touring on the cusp of glory.