Why is glasgow such a dump?

It's also because the guy just arrived from Edinburgh just before the start of the Fringe, where they clean up the city like hell. Most of the year can be pretty bad for garbage, especially if seagulls take it out of the bins. It's definitely a much cleaner city overall, but its vision is distorted due to the moment. COP26 delegates will see a city with problems, but they will also see a place rich in extraordinary architecture and glorious open spaces.

They'll meet great people and have a hard time finding a bad curry. Can you believe someone is trying to charge 130,000 pounds for this crap? Sure, it has three bedrooms, wooden floors, fireplace and garden, but tough. Scottish Land and Estates has partnered with organizations such as Keep Scotland Beautiful and Woodland Trust Scotland to urge Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham to find a national solution. Moira lives in Glasgow's East End, in an area devastated by drugs, and her own family has paid a heavy price.

In the metropolis, one-third were below this level, but in Glasgow two-thirds (or twice as many residents of London) of residents lived in overcrowded accommodations. Of course, everyone has a responsibility to ensure that Glasgow is clean and not to throw garbage. The author Carol Craig says that in order to understand Glasgow's premature deaths, you don't have to look at the end of shipyards and factories, but rather on their beginnings. Perhaps Glasgow City Council should do the same and build a fake Glasgow somewhere on the Clyde, because the real city, which world leaders will soon face at COP26, is a disgusting garbage dump.

Over the past decade, Walter claims to have heard of eight cases of suicide in the housing plan where he lived in Glasgow's impoverished East End. In Glasgow, an incident in the Drumchapel area earlier this year, when a mountain of tires was abandoned in an industrial estate, cost the city council an incredible amount of 10,000 pounds sterling in repair. Sturgeon tried to describe criticism of the city administration by his party (the SNP has led Glasgow City Council since 2011) as an attack on Glasgow itself. Anyone who cares about Glasgow should talk about these topics instead of pretending that everything in the French fries store is fresh out of the fryer.

Instead, he is convinced that the social and economic problems Glasgow has experienced in recent decades have merged into what he calls a perfect storm of adversity. Glasgow is not the garbage dump that some would have us believe, but it could (and should) be in a much better state. The design of Glasgow's public waste bin allows birds to pick up trash that is thrown back and forth before anyone can do anything. But I doubt that they chose it on their own, given the anger in Glasgow over the state of this city.

If I were the Prime Minister, I would appreciate having my elbow removed, because if I were the political leader of this country, I wouldn't have the bronze neck to get to Glasgow — among the garbage, the rats and the hungry children — and pretend to be a ray of hope for a better tomorrow, when the today I created was a disaster. According to the Glasgow and Clyde Health Board, in just two years almost half of all households in the city will be single-adult homes. It found that Glasgow residents are approximately 30% more likely to die young, and that 60% of those excessive deaths are due to just four factors: drugs, alcohol, suicide and violence.